NE Dory kick-up rudder how to?

The kick-up rudder kit came with the two-part rudder and some hardware that includes two screws, and nut and bolt, two washers, and a cleat.

The kick part seems very stiff, it barely fits in its housing. There's a lot of friction between it and its housing. Maybe by design, to provide enough resistance so it doesn't get pushed up by flowing water?

The line to pull the rudder back down after it kicks up, where does that run? I see where it attaches to the rudder, but I don't get where it runs up through the housing.

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RE: NE Dory kick-up rudder how to?

   I don't have any first hand experience but if you go to the NE Dory page and scroll to the kick-up rudder option, clicking on contents will bring up a picture showing the setup for the cord. Looks like it goes over the round top of the rudder to a jam cleet on the back of the rudder top.

Paraffin (candle wax) can be used as a lubricant and you may have to massage the pieces a bit to get clearance.

RE: NE Dory kick-up rudder how to?

I built the kick-up rudder for the Dory from the kit and also was concerned about the tightness of the fit.  What I did is do a bit of sanding to give the rudder a bit more room -- and also used teflon fender washers -- as large diameter and as thin as you can find them -- to help with binding at the pivot.  This works well -- the rudder kicks up smoothly and pivots down easily by pulling on the rope.

Here's a link to a source for a massive selection of teflon washers

I'll post some photos to my rudder.

DAve M.

RE: NE Dory kick-up rudder how to?

   Here's a link to some photos of the kickup rudder. I modified the top to make the arm removable, and I used some curly maple to pimp it up some. Haven't tried it on the boat yet -- but that will happen in a couple of weeks.

Dave M.

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