NE Dory Mast thwart location

How do I go about the process of making sure the mast thwart is adequatly located above the mast step so my sail is plumbed correctly?  

Also, since this is a retrofit, some fairing of the mast thwart knee was necessary - sanding through the vanish and the epoxy in some areas.  I plan on re-epoxying the necessary areas & revarnishing the entire boat once finished.  However, I understand epoxy needs to be bonded to epoxy/wood, but I know the epoxy will overlap the existing varnish in some areas where the sanding is feathered out... any tips here on how to proceed with this? 

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RE: NE Dory Mast thwart location

   Also, I really hope not to strip the entire boat of its varnish 

RE: NE Dory Mast thwart location

The mast thwart assembly is 3 pieces. The 2 thwart knees and the thwart itself. The knees are what position the thwart. I was a little confused on this when I built my NE Dory and had to call CLC for clarification. The knees are not symmetrical. One leg is longer than the other. The longer leg butts up against the foreword bulkhead. Then when you center the thwart across the knees, the mast will be in the correct location.


As far as gluing the knees to your Dory, I would assume you would only have to sand through the paint/varnish where the knees are going to attach. Glue Epoxy to Epoxy, not epoxy to paint/varnish.

Hope this helps.   

RE: NE Dory Mast thwart location

Now I am starting to second guess myself. I'm not sure I am correct about the orientation of the knees. I will check my Dory tomorrow to be sure. Or you can call CLC.

RE: NE Dory Mast thwart location

Mikeflys, the knees are already attached and correctly oriented with the long stem butted to the bulkhead.

My main question is how do I go about patching spots where I sanded through the varnish and epoxy?  I will need to re-epoxy in some places where the sanded spots will be next unsanded spots where it had been varnished.  So, when I re-epoxy, it will undoubtedly overlap the areas where it is varnished.  

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