Varnish F*#& Up

Using S3 Black Polyurethane over the top of S3 Marine Spar Varnish to cover/hide an ugly area of filler under the front of the coaming where the Bow and Stern Panels meet on the WD12, I made a mess out of the varnish.

The good news is  LPU came out great, but the bad news is peeling back the Fine Line Tape pulled up a 2-3" area of the top coat of varnish.  Yeah, I know, probably didnt wait long enough.  Figured 48 hours I'd be OK.

So the Q is, Now what do I do?  

I have a quart of S3 Clear Gloss LPU.  Can I go over it w that?,...  or should I go back w more varnish.  The rest of the deck looks pretty good, so I'd rather not  re-do the whole thing if I dont need to.  Can I just do the small area, can I get a new coat to blend in w/o showing?  

So, I'd much appreciate any suggestions on this.



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RE: Varnish F*#& Up

>>>>Can I just do the small area, can I get a new coat to blend in w/o showing?  

The LPUs are different, generally less forgiving.  You can just coat the damaged area, but the only way to get it to blend is to buff it out using automotive polishing techniques.  This is such a royal pain (voice of experience) that a full recoat is probably less work.

That, or just tape off a square, recoat that spot, pull the tape, and forget about it.  You'll be the only one who ever notices the patch.

RE: Varnish F*#& Up

Thanks John

I'm Leaning toward the full re-coat.  For this however I have a choice.

Invest $40 more bucks in a new can of Varnish, or dip into my unopened can of

S3 WR-LPU Clear Gloss.  Already way over budget, but leaning toward the

investing the $40.

Your thoughts on this will be appreciated.



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