NE Dory 1st real day on the water!

It finally happened, the State of Idaho issued all it had to issue and I finally got to sail my Dory! I didn't actually get to use the sail much. There just was not enough wind, that don't happen that much around here. Oh well its just the start of the season and I got a lot of practice with the oars! One of the very first questions I asked on this forum, long before I really thought I was going to get to do this. Can you car-top the Dory? I received mostly negative feedback, probably around 90%. I think I got 1 response that said it would be OK. So for all you nay-Sayers, its not that hard. Sure a trailer would be easier. But if you are like me and want to pull a travel trailer AND take your Dory, just go for it!!!It is easier with two, but I have been able to do it solo.



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RE: NE Dory 1st real day on the water!

   That's a big day, isn't it? True congratulations! Now tell me did you paint the boat to match the truck, or the other way around? And what's the secret to getting the dory up on that truck?

By the way, my wife and I were out rowing today too. I took a nice swim out of my boat. What a great design!

RE: NE Dory 1st real day on the water!

   Nice boat and nice folks with great smiles. Looks like fun.

Good on you for wearing life jackets. Now for a brief safety moment. Please zip, snap, buckle... close the life jackets. If you hit the water in an open life jacket, the jacket floats up around your arms making closing it very difficult and swimming close to impossible. But don't believe me - try it. Jump into some water with an open life jacket and see what happens.  I have no wish to scold, just inform, so we will assume you had not yet left the beach, dock, or shore yet, where an open life jackets would be safe.

Enjoy your boat and boating!!


RE: NE Dory 1st real day on the water!


How do I get the Dory up there? Its really not as hard as you would think. It took a little experimenting to figure out how. I roll the boat over onto a moving blanket. Then I put a small moving dolly under the transom. Then I can lift the bow and roll the boat to my truck. A few grunts to get the bow up on the rack. Then lift the stern and slide it on.


As far as the life jackets, I do not feel scolded. Thanks for caring enough to bring it up.

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