Gluing scarfed wood strips

I am building a Mystic River Canoe. Today I scarfed, glued, and clamped the splice joints on three 8 foot sections of  of cedar strips (to make one continuous 24 foot strip which will become the first strip I will attach to the forms from bow to stern at the sheer line).  Question #1: How long do I need to let the glue set before removing the clamps and start stapling the strip to the forms?

Question #2: Once I have that first strip attached as a foundation for adding  subsequent rows of strips, can I attach each pre-scarfed section of wood strip individually and glue/clamp each splice "on-the-fly" as I work horizontally across the row piece-by-piece?


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RE: Gluing scarfed wood strips

It is hard to answer your first question without knowing what adhesive you used on the scarf and what the temp in your shop is. 

As for your second question, there is really no need to scarf strips together.  Butt joints are just fine.  I cut my butt joints at a 45 degree angle at a form.  That way I can get both strips with a single staple.

RE: Gluing scarfed wood strips

I also have glued strips together to extend my supply of longer strips from my cutoffs. I just cut the ends of each strip at a 30° angle and glued with titebond II. This has worked with no problem.

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