VCP Oval Hatch


Hi Guys

Any Tips for installing the VCP Oval Hatch on my WD12?  My manual shows one way

(just bolt it in), and says there is also a sleeker way, but doesnt offer any details on that. So any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks so much,



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RE: VCP Oval Hatch

For my money, I prefer the looks of a flush hatch on a wooden boat.  The black VCP hatches are functional but subtract from the apperance.  They came with the Petrel Play kit so I used them but wish that I had gone with flush instead.  One way to minimize the black rubber is to mount it in recess which was also part of the PP kit.  There is a good guy who runs a little custom kayak shop who actually has hatch recess plans for free.  Take a look:


RE: VCP Oval Hatch

OK, Thanks Mark M,

I'm convinced. You're right, it's ugly. But I dont like the Toggle Closers on the WD plans.  Do you think the straps alone like some of these in the photo would work on a Wood Duck?  Now I guess I need to look up the CLC return policy.



RE: VCP Oval Hatch

Straps are used on "on top" hatch covers.  I doubt that would be a very secure way to hold a flush hatch cover in place and it adds clutter to the appearance of the boat.  If you do not loik the wooden toggles, take a look at the Delrin toggles that CLC sells.  That is what I used on three of the boats in the picture.  Another approach would be the invisible hold down kit that CLC sells ( 

RE: VCP Oval Hatch

For my WD12 I made up a DIY version of CLC's invisible hold downs.

Details at Building a Wood Duck 12

Have fun,



RE: VCP Oval Hatch

Hm, Invisible hold down kit,  I like that!  

It looks great!  How well does it work as far as functional, and water tight? I assume that notch is to get your finger in to open it.  

Thanks for the tip.


RE: VCP Oval Hatch

On the Wood Ducklings I built my kids I used a flush hatch and used shock cord hold downs to match the rest of the deck rigging. A simple leash on the bottom of the hatch keeps it from straying too far. It was simple to do, simple for the kids to use on the water, and I like the look of it. No problems with the lid coming off when towing the kayaks on the highway.

Beyond the looks of the VPC, with this type of boat a hermetically sealed hatch seems like overkill (You can add some gasket material to the hatch lip if it's a concern). Go for aesthetics!

Good luck,





RE: VCP Oval Hatch

   OK this may be crazy talk, but just thinking outside the box.

If the hatch not an oval shape but more of square w round corners, then it can be hinged.  And then opened and shut with a Latch. Anybody foresee any problem with that? 

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