Kaholo roof rack ideas?

áSo I have two of these babies, a 12'6" and a 14'. Driving a tall enough outback, this is the best idea I've come up on: two kayak J racks that I modified (shortened the base to have them somewhat fit) what have you guys made or any ideas to make this easier? https://goo.gl/photos/1ny2jgVhbHDSkyzBA

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RE: Kaholo roof rack ideas?

J hooks are fine but the straps could be different. You'll get better holdiing if the strap over the boat at the J-hook goes all the way down to the horizontal bar back up over the boat and under the horizontal bar on the other side. This way the strap holds the boat down towards the horizontal and against the J-hook. If you tie it to the J-hook it only holds the boat against the hook.    

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