Epoxying mast for Jimmy Skiff

Hi everyone, I am about the expoxy the spars for my Jimmy Skiff together and had two questions:

1. How important is it that the work surface is completely level/flat for epoxying them together? My worktable is made of 3/4" OSB and is pretty level for it's 14' length, however it's not completely level - it might bow by 1/8" or so in the middle.  Is this not enough to worry about here?

2. Since the main mast is in 3 pieces from the kit, should I epoxy all 3 together at the same time, or just 2, then add the 3rd later?


I've really appreciated the help I have received here so far, I hope I am able to help builders after me someday!


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RE: Epoxying mast for Jimmy Skiff

áááAustin, I put the spars for my Sherry together on the garage floor. If you can't lay the whole mast out supported over the whole length, I would do it one joint at a time. I think the most important thing is to make sure your scarf is flush all the way around, that way you know it is square. I also glued mine with the scarf faces vertical to help ensure I got everything straight. Good luck, Sam

RE: Epoxying mast for Jimmy Skiff

Thank you Sam, I appreciate you getting back to me. I wish I would have checked my ost earlier, because I failed to make sure the scarf was flush all the way around like you said :(, Now when you look down the length of the mast it has a pretty silly dog-leg look at the scarfs! Oh well, it shouldn't be too bad.

 I am working on the mast step now and had another question if you happen to know the answer: should the bottom of the mast sit on the floor of the boat?  Right now the mast while in the mast step is about 1.5" off the bottom of the boat, but wasn't sure if it should actually be sitting on the bottom.


Thanks for your help!

RE: Epoxying mast for Jimmy Skiff

   I have the Northeaster Dory, not the Skerry, but I believe the mast should slide into the mast step easily and rest on the bottom of the boat. (I placed a little pad of vinyl rubber down for mine to stand on.) If your mast fits so snugly into the mast step that it does not hit the bottom, you risk getting it jammed in the step so that you cannot get it out after a sail. 

RE: Epoxying mast for Jimmy Skiff

   Ah, thanks Birch.  I'll plane the mast down more so it rests on the bottom of the boat.

Appreciate the help!

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