Feet wet after final varnish.

What  is the recommended wait time from final coat of varnish to use in water? I have completed 3 coats on my Sassafras 12 outside of hull with at least 2 more to go. 

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RE: Feet wet after final varnish.

That depends entirely on the temperature and humidity. On a hot dry day the varnish dries faster than on a cold humid one. My fastest ever was applying the varnish in the morning and splashing the boat late that afternoon. The previous night it had gotten down to the high 50's, but by 10 am it was already in the high 70's and it peaked at over 80 in the afternoon. There was also a 50 mph wind to help things along, caused by driving the boat 60 miles on a trailer to the launch site. Just mentioning all this to show that while it was possible, it was not typical.

I've also seen the varnish demo boat at Okoumefest being varnished in the afternoon and then launched the next morning, so it isn't just me.

If you've really got a case of get-it-wet-itis, 3 coats is plenty. You can always add more coats later.

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RE: Feet wet after final varnish.

   I "finished" a boat three days before the wedding and splashed it, test run, two days after varnishing the third coat and a day before the big event.  Of course, in the two years since I've sanded and varnished several times to repair oyster, rock, log, stump and concrete encounters. The oysters were the only thing that cut into the glass. The other damage is primarily in the varnish.   They are strong boats.

RE: Feet wet after final varnish.

   Thank you for the responses. She is all finished and hopefully can get out this week if the weather cooperates. I posted a photo on the CLC Facebook page if anyone is interested. 

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