C or Spring Clamps

I'm wondering if anyone has had a problem with spring clamps applying too much pressure causing too thin an epoxy layer between wood parts. The guides warns squeezing too much epoxy out will weaken the bond.

C-Clamps, on the other hand, allow for careful adjustment of pressure.

Spring clamps sure are easy to use, though.


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RE: C or Spring Clamps

   If you get the cheap plastic spring clamps from the big box home improvement store over pressure won't be a problem.


On the other hand C clamps can impose a torque that moves the piece out of alignment. Use scrap to isolate the screw side. It also prevents you from over clamping and deforming the piece being glued.   Also it  takes more hands to apply. When I was younger I could spin the C-clamp with one hand and install it while holding the work with the other, but I'm older and stiffer now.

RE: C or Spring Clamps

   Pistol grip bar clamps are great. But they are more expensive.

RE: C or Spring Clamps

Well, went shopping today & ended with 99 cent 2" Home Depot spring clamps. I think the Menards spring clamps were maybe a tiny bit better for the same price but I had gone to HD first. C-Clamps were about 2.5X the cost & I bought 25 spring clamps instead. I'll keep an eye when using them.

I've got a few pistol grip clamps & agree they're great. Can't afford enough for this job, though.



RE: C or Spring Clamps

 I used spring clamps, c-clamps, pistol grip clamps, and pipe clamps (occasionally) on my NE Dory and had no problems with any of them.  All worked well.  I'm now starting a CLC 17' kayak in which John touts 3" PVC pipe cut in 1" slices and then cut again on one side for cheap, easy, and effective clamps.  I've not tried those yet, but imagine that if they work, then the range of acceptable pressures is fairly great.     

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