Prepping for Eastport Build

Hi All!

I've ordered my Eastport Pram kit & plan to build it over my spring break at the end of March. (I'm a high school teacher.) I recently converted a part of a small barn to use as a workshop & the Eastport is my first real project there.

Been reading the forum & hope to find answers to my first-timer questions.

Regarding clamps: I'm going to keep an eye out for cheapish spring clamps at the big-box hardware stores but how many & what size will I really need for the Eastport? If this project goes well I'll probably look into a couple of kayaks in the future so I don't have a problem getting a few more than I need, just don't want to go overboard.

What sort of work tables or platforms will work? I'm going to knock a couple together for this project so any size advise will be helpful. I'm planning on building 2 "workbenches" that can be pulled together to form a larger surface when needed but can be separated ala sawhorses for longer projects. Good idea?

Any other tips specific to the Eastport will be appreciated! I'm sure I'll be posting more questions as the project gets closer.

Thanks in advance!


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RE: Prepping for Eastport Build


I've built boats on just saw horses (kits) and on a 4x8x3/4 sheet of plywood with stiffener 2x4s down the sides supported on sawhorses (plans) and on a concrete driveway (winging it from an existing boat). The point is, whatever gives you sufficient support at a comfortable angle will work, especially on hulls in the 100-lb or less range.

If it was me, I'd go for at least 2 dozen spring clamps. More would be better, but 2 dozen would at least let you put on both rubrails at the same time.

Have fun,



RE: Prepping for Eastport Build

Thanks for the reply Laszlo!

I've got a handful of spring clamps from other projects + c-clamps, pony clamps & others lying around so I'll probably get a couple dozen more sping clamps to start with. I can always get a few more if I need them.

Still working out my work space but think I'm going to make two 3'X4' work tables that I can push together to make either a 6'X4' or 8'X3' long work area. That combo really fits my workshop well with space all around to work.

I'm hoping to get everthing pretty much ready so when my break comes I can concentrate on the build. Would like to get it complete, or darn near, over the 9 day spring break.

Take care,


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