Ply thickness for Ch16 side panels

hi. My PAX 20 surf ski has 4mm ply for the bottom panels and 3mm for the side panels as per the plans. I'm toying with the idea of a Chesapeake 16 surf ski for my wife and putting together a material list.  Anybody have any thoughts regarding the use of 3mm ply for the side panels of a Ches?  As mentioned, my PAX has the 3mm sides and I have used 2.75oz cloth on the outside. Seems plenty stiff enough to me. Abrasion resistance is not a huge issue as our beaches are sandy and pristine.


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RE: Ply thickness for Ch16 side panels

The plans call for 4mm ply, and 6 oz glass on the outside. If my memory is correct, he 14 and 14LT call for all 3mm ply and 6 oz glass. My 17LT with 4mm sides and bottom, 3 mm decks, and 4 oz glass weighs just over 40 lbs. If you don't plan on expedition style camping, oyster beds, or rocks, you probably would be O.K. Good Luck JRC. 

RE: Ply thickness for Ch16 side panels

not a problem.  it will be fine structurally with 3mm

notwithstanding that it will not be as strong (but plenty strong if you are not beating it up), just pay a bit more attention when you stitch it up to make sure the hull is fair/in the shape you want.  when the sheets get thinner, your ability to have a bulge or concavity increases.

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