Overlay after fiberglassing

Approaching the end of Shearwater Sport Hybrid construction.  Had this brilliant idea of using an osprey overlay on the hatch cover.  Fiberglass already down, and I see in the installation tips that the overlay should be attached to bare wood.  Anyone have any experience in attaching and overlay on top of glassed surface.  Because its a hatch cover I could easily apply another layer of fiberglass over the entire hatch cover and overlay.  Wondering how visible the edges will be.  Thanks for any comments. 

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RE: Overlay after fiberglassing

The edges of any overlay will be visible whether on top or underneath glass.  You can sand the bottom of the overlay around the edges to make it a bit more thin but if you sand too much, it will fall apart.  I actually prefer putting the overlay on to of the glass.  Underneath, you have to build up the edges with epoxy so that the glass will lay flat over the edges.  Overtop the glass, the overlay will securely attach with epozy as long as you properly prepare (dewax/sand) the underlieing area.  Once it is attached, coat it with multiple layers aof epoxy and it should be just fine.  The overlay onthe Frej (left) is on top the glass and the one on the PP is underneath.    


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