Natural light

I know this really is obvious. But we have had such a bad winter this year. I have done all my building up to yesterday in a closed garage under artificial lights. Yesterday we had a glorious sunny day! The temperature was in the low 40's. Warm enough after all this mess to oped the door and let the sunlight in. The only downside is a few flaws were much easier to see. But it was so much nicer to work with the light that God provides!!!! You guys over on the east side of the country can keep that stupid groundhog of yours. Our local rodent predicted an early spring!!!!!

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RE: Natural light

   LBI NJ, 65 degrees no wind today, perfect day for on the water but I'm dry docked to paint. 6" snow predicted for tomorrow. Which ever animal you like- Mother Nature is still going to rule.

RE: Natural light

I've just emptied my garage and painted it white in preparation for my NE Dory build. I have roughly 4x100W (incandescent equivalent) overhead lighting which I was going to extend, but now I'm thinking I'll put the money into one or two shop lamps on tripods. Then I could use them in other projects. Or maybe they'd just get in the way? I see on the CLC shopcam, they have what looks like fluorescent lights on the walls.

RE: Natural light

   I suppliment the shop fluorescent lights with quarts halogen flood lights on a light stand. Put those lights along a pannel and you can see all the "holes" and "hills" in the sanding via shadows. 

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