The hardest part!

My Sassafras 12 kit arrived right on time yesterday. Spent the afternoon/evening reading the extensive builders manual, inventorying all the parts and pieces and getting my mind right to begin. Layed out and glued up all the puzzle joints and rail sections this morning. Spent some time cutting wires and prepping the bulk heads for access ports and drain plugs. Now the hardest part of CLC boat building begins - the 24 hour wait for epoxy to dry. 

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RE: The hardest part!

You get used to it. It becomes a rhythm, Mix epoxy, apply epoxy, clamp. Come back the next day and do it again!   

RE: The hardest part!

Ha!  Are there any sub-assemblies you can work on that would be nice if they were ready when you get to that step?  For example, on the sailboats, there are spars and rudder parts, centerboard trunks, etc. to work on.  I doubt there's as much of that with a canoe, but it's worth a look.  One of the best reasons to read the entire manual is to see these things ahead of time.  Good luck!

RE: The hardest part!

   This is my 5th wooden boat and 3rd CLC to build. Not much busy work to do on a canoe. These kits come  amazingly complete and cleanly cut using the new machine. I did cut the holes for the bulkhead hatch and drain/vent plugs. That was about all I could find to do until tomorrow. Did manage to kill an hour running up to Lowes for screws for the hatches. 

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