Teardrop camper cover?

I am thinking ahead to later this year when my - hopefully completed by then - camper with sit idle for about 4 months while I take a paid vacation to the Mideast.  Ah, Dubai in the summer, lovely (not)

I'm wondering if anyone has created a cover pattern for the teardrop?  I have an idea that a local sail maker or seamstress, maybe somebody that sews up Bimini tops, could make something up for me.  I am asking CLC if they maybe coul d print out outlines of the outer shell panels for use as a pattern.  Just take the existing CAD files, enlarge them by 5%, and plot them using a large format plotter.  

Just thinking out loud here....



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RE: Teardrop camper cover?

   You could probably make a pattern by laying craft paper over the facets and tracing the edges. I worked at a place that made aircraft covers and that's what they did.


RE: Teardrop camper cover?

   Yup, that's plan "B".  Thanks for putting it in writing though, it was just in my mind as "take measurements", using the kraft paper is a great idea.  

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