Preparing to build a kayak

Hi everyone,

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a Petrel strip kit. This will be my first kayak build and I am super stoked! As I'm starting to get the shop set up where I'll be working, I had a question. From experience, what is the ideal set-up to build on? Sawhorses? The boat stands in Nick Schade's book? Honestly, the boat stands look like they'd be wobbly when you get to the planing and sanding phase... Please let me know if you have any recommendations.



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RE: Preparing to build a kayak

The boat stands on page 72 of "The Strip Built Kayak" work very well for strip builds that use the 2"x4" engineered strongback like you will get with your Petrel kit.  Instead of cutting a 2"x4" slot in the top of the stands, I use wood blocks and long screws to clamp the strongbacki n place.  I think it is a little more secure than the slots.  I also added locking castors to the base of the stand, making it very easy to move for cleanup etc.


RE: Preparing to build a kayak

i use relatively simple sawhorses....that are reinforced to be stiff/stable.

i have done a couple strip builds and no problem with this.

i just am finishing a petrel stip.....its a great project.



RE: Preparing to build a kayak

   Lovely work on the Petrel, Howard.

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