Nautical terminology.

Most boat terms make some sense, like Gunwales, Mast Step, Dagger board. I get these, but reading my NE Dory manual. Why would a rope attached to the bow be called a “painter”? I'm still debating if I am going to include this on my Dory. I think I might, it looks like a convenient way of adding a bow line without mounting cleats to the rails. Or should I say Gunwales!! If I call them Gunwales I am going to want to mount a small cannon on the bow!

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RE: Nautical terminology.

I think 'painter' probably comes from the French word 'peintour'. English is full of European words and nowadays even some American ones.  :)

RE: Nautical terminology.

My understanding is that early canoes were hung by ropes from the bow and stern in order to be painted.  

Hooper Williams - Brevard, NC  

RE: Nautical terminology.

Upon encountering the terms gudgeon & pintle, I had to wonder where those terms came from.

At least the pin part has some reference to what it actually looks like!

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