Pax 20 build diary

was wondering if anybody had any links to Pax 20 build diaries? i've done a bit of googling but haven't found anything yet.

Also, I would be interested in contacting any body who has a Pax 20 who lives in South East Queensland. unfortunately the Builders Club doesn't recognise my post code.

Cheers, Craig

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RE: Pax 20 build diary

Hi Craig,  I don't know if you have seen it, but this website has a link located in the lower right-hand side of the page for "CLC Around The Web".  This is a page of links to builders websites.  Some of the links are old and broken, but there is one there that works for a Pax 18 project.

Pax 18 & LT17™ Construction & Outfitting - With tips on paddling to work 

There was a good one for a Pax 20, but the site seems to be gone.  I have built the Jimmy Skiff and not a kayak, but I think that the principles of working with the tools and materials are pretty similar.  You can likely get some good ideas by reading the building logs for other types of boats as well.  - Ron

RE: Pax 20 build diary

I just found the new page location for the Pax 20 at Kayak Lake Mead.

This was CLC's descritpion of the site: Robert Finlay of "Kayak Lake Mead" finished off his Pax 20 with a killer paint job!

I found this by doing a search on Google.  - Ron

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