kaholo panel alignment

Hi all, I am stitching together the bottom and side panels of my kaholo 14 kit and I am having a hard time getting the side panels tight against the bottom panel, especially close to the frames.  It almost seems like the frames are just slightly too wide for the bottom panel.  I am thinking about unstitching all the frames and sanding 1/16 inch off each side to get the whole thing a little tighter, but I am not sure if it is necessary. Has any else experienced this?  

Another part of this question .. it is not clear to me if the bottom panel is supposed to lap the side panel or vice versa or if it matters.  Right now I have the bottom panel lapping over the sides, but it only laps about half the thickness of the side panel.  I think structurally it should be ok becuase the joint will be filleted on the inside, but I am wondering if it is going to look sloppy if it is not flush.  Any thoughts?

Here is a picture of one of the worst gaps between the side and bottome panel. The top of the image is the bottom panel, the lower part of the image is the side panel:

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RE: kaholo panel alignment

   I had the same problem on both the Kaholos I built. I took the frames out one at a time and sanded them down about 1/16 just like you suggested. It is kind of a pain, but I'd doesn't take too long. 

In regards to the other question, I don't have either board with me right now but I remember their being a transition from which part overlapped as you got closer to the tail. It seemed to just be the natural progression. Covering only half is fine because of all the sanding you will do later. 

Hope this helps,


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