Skerry bow height


Would anyone with a finished Skerry be able to answer the questions below? Thank you!

With the boat sitting on a flat surface, what is the height from said surface (floor,etc) to the top of the bow? Is this number close to the 21.5" shown in the window size requirments?

(Need the aproximate height for storage options)


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RE: Skerry bow height

My Skerry is still bobbing around on it's mooring Nathan but I'll be taking it out later this week and I'll measure up for you but it's the stern and the skeg which might be the issue and not the bow to my mind. 

RE: Skerry bow height

   Thanks Yambo that would be great!

RE: Skerry bow height

   Hi Nathan,

I managed to get the Skerry out today - a matter of necessity really as the wind will be heavy tomorrow and from the wrong direction so whilst it's a light boat on a good mooring discretion has come into the equation and it's now sitting on a sheltered beach out of harms way. The measurement on my boat from the bottom of the skeg to the highest part of the stern is 24.4 inches, (that's the vertical measurement) so 24 1/2 or so. I have a wormshoe on the bottom of my skeg which adds about half an inch. 

I didn't measure the bow but it's definitely less than the stern and unless you're taking it down a tight tunnel then the 21.5 in required may well be sufficient as the skeg finishes forward of the stern. Good luck with your build. 

RE: Skerry bow height

Thank you, I really appriciate you taking the time to measure!


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