The wait begins.

I took advantage of the Fall sale and early bird special. I ordered my NE Dory, lug rig, beach cart and all the extras I could think of. Today I received everything.... Except the boat and sail kits. CLC notified me the day after I placed the order that the kit will not ship till sometime after Nov 2nd. Getting all the stuff today just made it all the more real, and I am getting so excited for the kit to arrive I feel like a little kid right before Christmas!

I was truly surprised by the weight or should I say lack of weight of the oars! I remember the oars my Dad had for his little 12 foot row boat back in the 70's. I don't think both of these oars together equal the weight of one of Dads old oars.



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RE: The wait begins.

   Building these kits is a blast. Beware, it can be addictive. Have fun.

RE: The wait begins.

   Congrats on buying your boat . . . . And commiserations on the long wait! The good news there is that it suggests CLC's October sale has been a big success already.

As to your purchase, I made the same decision and have no regrets whatsoever. The Northeaster Dory is as close to the perfect rowboat/dinghy as I can imagine. Whenever I go out on the lake, I still find myself delighted by the beauty and utility of the boat.

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