brush tipping vertically or horizontally?

About to paint the hull of my Night Heron.  I have read around in circles in many forums to use the roller then tip with a dry brush horizontally.  I did it this way on varnishing the deck.  So it seems to do the same for the hull.  Though on the website of interlux they say to tip virtically.  This makes sense because gravity will pull any extra pain downward following the micro (small) channels made by the brush.  If tipping horizontal the extra paint, while drying will fall as per gravity perpindicular to the brush strokes.  Like a levy (wall). The paint can build as it tries to go over the hump trying to make its way down the virtical sides (chine) of the kayak.  Now  the bottom of the hulll I would see that running bow to stern would be correct.  No gravity really at play there.  Any thoughts out there?  Or kayaks just small enough not to go this way but for larger (fullsize) boats tip vertically as in the directions from Interlux.  Thanks in advance.

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RE: brush tipping vertically or horizontally?

I usually follow the grain of the wood (doors, windows, shelves, etc.). This is usually in the longitudinal direction of the wood. Maybe it helps if you turn up the boat, bow down (or up).


RE: brush tipping vertically or horizontally?

Sounds like you're going for that museum finish ;)

When tipping, I always go in the direction that I can get the longest/flattest stroke, since brush down and brush up are the most troubling areas.  When painting my Eastport Pram, I was able to do one continuous stroke from stem to stern (or vice versa).  In most wooden boat cases, I would think that means the boat is horizontal and so are the strokes.  It would be more difficult to maintain even pressure on the brush if you're following the curve of the hull.  My $0.02...

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