Drain plug location on NE Dory?

I have read a few posts by builders who mentioned that they installed a drain plug on their dory and I was wondering if anyone could post a few pictures of the location of the plug and also the type of plug they used, as well as any comments.  Would they locate it in the same spot if they could do it again or move it to another location?  On my power boat, a 20' Albury there is one drain plug on the inside and another at the very bottom of the keel on the outside.  

Internal drain which sits snugly in a tube that penetrates the hull

External drain plug:

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RE: Drain plug location on NE Dory?

  I put in an external one from CLC, located it as low as possible in the bottom of the transom.

I wanted to be able to have the water drain out if it accumulated while stored on the trailer with the tongue lifted up. The brass goes well with brass oar locks and brass cleats. I have not yet hit the water with my boat yet....

sorry, I am not able to post pics yet...


RE: Drain plug location on NE Dory?

   No one else? 

RE: Drain plug location on NE Dory?

   When built my dory I used a plastic beckson on the bottom aft of seat 3. It is on the edge of the rubber floor material. Works well to drain most of the water when boat is flat. This past spring I put 1 in the transom. I like that location better because it drains more water when washing with the bow high. Cheap barely visable and easily replaceable if broken. If I were to build again I would only go in the transom.

RE: Drain plug location on NE Dory?

   It depends on where/how you want to be able to drain your boat.   First of all, if you're only thinking of water you take onboard while underway, dont bother with a drain plug.  You will bail or sponge that water out.   And the boat does  not leak, period.  Water comes in only over the top as spray or over the gunwale if you heel too much.  Put some foam insulation strips on your daggerboard to prevent water coming up the d-board trunk, and make a cap for the trunk for when you are rowing.  

That said, if you want to hose off your boat with fresh water after use, a drain plug will be super handy.  If you are draining on a trailer, put it just in front of the bulkhead that holds up the stern seat.  Tip the front of the trailer up to drain. I keep my boat on a floating dock, and for that, the low point is about amidships and on one side at the edge of the floor panel -- and you tilt up the boat from the other side to get it to drain.  I would go with the brass screw-in drain plug.  

RE: Drain plug location on NE Dory?

   Thanks, guys,  my boat will sit on a trailer, covered all year long when not in use.  For a few months, she will be in Florida after completion, and I wash my boats down after every use.  Then shipping her to Denmark where my son lives and sails and he does the same.  Will surely want to ensure all water is out, so it does not freeze during the winter.   I have decided to mount a brass screw-in type on the exterior of the transom.  

RE: Drain plug location on NE Dory?

   I like the idea of the brass external drain plug in the transom.....has anyone put one of these on a dory to know if it interferes with the leading edge of the rudder?

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