lengthening plans?

Hello All,

i haven't been around this forum for a long time. I built my first boat (ch17) in 2004 and have a half finished Cirrus hybrid hanging in the rafters untouched since '05. My Ch17 also spends most of its time up in the rafters nowadays as well. why? because I discovered ocean racing skis and currently spend as much time as I can out on my Red7 Surf 70. Its 6.7Metres long and 43cm wide and goes like the clappers.

So what brings me lurking back to the boatbuilding forums? i really miss having a beautiful timber piece of art under my butt while I clock up the Kilometres.

I recently saw this post http://www.surfski.info/content/view/650/147/ and my interest in boat building was re-ignited.

So at this stage i am thinking of building a raceworthy ocean ski using the pax 20 hull as a platform. i love the lines of the pax 20 and it looks fast however I think it might be a bit short to be competitive against ocean racing skis such as my Red7, Epic V10's and the like.

I'm thinking that an extra 2 feet should do the trick. That would bring the OA length to around 6.5Metres( approx 21.3 Ft in the old money). this is the approx. length for a competive ski. I'm 6'3" and weigh in at about 210 lbs which means a boat that is too short will tend to send me "pearl diving" in the surf.

i'm guessing the best way to do this would be to just do the sums and make the stations that little bit further apart. i was not planning on making the beam any wider. Is my thinking flawed? Have I missed something?

are there inherent problems with lengthening an existing design without adjusting beam width?

Cheers, Craig







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