Eastport Pram Rigging Suggestions?

Hey all, I'm rounding third on a plan-built Eastport Pram and am getting ready to sail it. This will be my first foray into a sailing dinghy. I've seen a few E' prams around and noticed that the rigging can differ from boat to boat. I'm hoping someone has some concrete ideas on how the boat could  be rigged. I'm looking for specifics such as block types & sizes, line lengths & diameters, sail attachment, mounting locations,mounting hardware, etc. Unfortunately,the manual doesn't address rigging at all. I'm also aware that CLC sells a line kit for the pram but I'm really interested in hearing any and all approaches.

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RE: Eastport Pram Rigging Suggestions?

I'm pretty happy with my setup.  I'll grab my rigging bag out of storage tonight and get some measurements for you.  Then I'll discuss the tweaks I'm planning on making.

RE: Eastport Pram Rigging Suggestions?

   Thanks, I would appreciate that. I should also add that the manual does address rigging. I meant to say that it doesn't address alternate rigging approaches. I wasn't able to edit my original post. My bad.

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