Chesapeake 16/17 Stability

How would you describe the Chesapeake 16 and 17 primary and secondary stability?

Suppose a score of "1" means lots of primary, and minimal secondary.

And a score of "10" means minimal primary, and lots of secondary.

Or any better way of describing it?

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RE: Chesapeake 16/17 Stability

Your proposed rating system does not really work because primary and secondary stability are not mutually exclusive (ie, a boat can have very strong primary and very strong secondary stability).  Most reviewers rate primary and secondary stability separately. 

Relatively wide boats with chines like the Chesapeake series tend to have more initial stability.  Round bottom boats like my Wahoo tend to have lighter initial stability.  Once I lean the Wahoo about 10-15 degrees, the righting force increases and this is called secondary stability.

The one of the paddlers in the Sea Kayaker Magazine review of the 17 (June 1999) decribed its initial stability as "moderate to very good."  He said the secondary stability was "very strong." 

Stability is a bit subjective and varies with body type.  A tall person with a big upper body will have a higher center of gravity which will make the boat less stable.  A short person or sombody who carries more weight low will have a lower CG and the boat will be more stable.  Adding cargo in the hatches will also lower the CG. 

I am 5'7"/155# and find my 17LT very stable.  Same for my 5'2"/112# wife in her 16LT.  The are both the kind of boat that you can put a true novice in with little concern.

Here is a link to some great info.

RE: Chesapeake 16/17 Stability

 Then there is your point of reference. If you come from ocean racing skis   then the C-17 us a rock.  If you come from one of those big plastic boats with pedals the C-17 is tippy. 

What is your real concern? 

RE: Chesapeake 16/17 Stability

i would echo grumpy's point.  that said, relative to all the different sea kayaks available out there (home built or manufactured), the CLC series is on the stable side of the spectrum.

RE: Chesapeake 16/17 Stability


That's an excellent article on stability. It fills in the missing peices.  Now, when I think of stability, I see it as the relative position of center of gravity and center of bouyancy. It's a continuous function.

RE: Chesapeake 16/17 Stability

   Don't be too concerned with stability both of those boats are very stable.there's a tendancy for people to get in a boat for  a few minutes and find it "feels" tippy but given a couple hours you get used to it and find that in reality that what felt tippy is a long way from actually capsising

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