Mark N carbon fiber eyelet

Mark N, your fleet is beautiful. I did notice that you used the carbon fiber eyelets on one build and that you have one glued on the floor of your cockpit. I assume it is for attaching small dry bags or a water bottle. I have a few carbon fiber eyelets, I had planned on an internal attachment point and was curious about your selected location. Are you happy with the positioning of that particular eyelet? I had planned to use them for my deck bungee cords but my lack of building experience may dictate that I bring my hull paint up onto the deck and now I am of the opinion that they would make repainting difficult. That decision is not in my immediate future but it is one I will have to make. I do enjoy looking at pictures of your kayaks. They are motivational. (I am not half way through my first build and I am thinking about my second, probably a wood duck double, my wife loves kayaks, she is not fond of paddling).


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RE: Mark N carbon fiber eyelet

Thanks very much for the complement.  I started the first boat 3.5 years ago and thanks to CLC I am now addicted.

The loop is indeed for a drybox.  I have something similar in each of my boats and the exact position varies.  I do a test fit with the intended paddler before any final mounting. 

We went with a loop on the Frej because the cockpit is pretty tight and she wanted to be able to move the box a bit.

I went with a bungie on the Wahoo because I did not want the box moving around during races.  That seat is about 3" high and I race knees up so there is plenty of room for the box below my legs.

My wife loves our Shearwater Double because "it has a motor in back."  It is our go to boat for longer paddles.  I am sure that the WD Double is a nice boat but 14' is a bit short for a double.  The paddlers are close enough that you will hit paddles if you are not disciplined.  As you can see, my bride is a VERY disciplined paddler.


RE: Mark N carbon fiber eyelet

   Thanks for the info, if my wife paddles she generally just throws water on me so I discourage her efforts (it may be intentional;). Except for the hair color the picture you posted could have been my wife, she relies on the 'motor in back'. That looks like a beautiful place for a kayak.


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