Replacement seat

I have lost one of the foam seats from my initial builds.  Any opinions on the Hot Grande Seat, the smaller version that CLC doesn't carry, or the Happy Bottom.  It will be used in both my strip Petrel and Hybrid Shearwater Sport.  The happy bottom, with hip pads, may not work in the narrow Petrel with cheek blocks.  Really don't feel like carving one out of foam.

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RE: Replacement seat

   We have Happy Botom Seats in all except my race boat, which has a rotating K-1 seat.  We cut the hip pads off for the two closest boats.  The Peterl Play has hip braces and my wife did not want them in her Frej.  We bought a Hot Grande seat from CLC and did not like it.

RE: Replacement seat

   On one of mine I have the blue Hot Seat (mild) which is supposed to be a little softer. I like it.


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