Just finished fitting the deck to my new Chesapeake 17LT – not bad for < four (4) weeks work!   There is a significant camber to the deck, especially in front of the coaming position, and the ply needs plenty of encouragement to sit securely and closely to the sheer line.   I dare say the following steps that I took to ensure an excellent fit have been posted here before, but hope they may assist some newcomers (like myself). 

 To secure the deck to the hull while the epoxy is curing I used industrial-type strapping tape, a little over ½” wide (doubtless it comes in various widths), that is used with a small plastic clip allowing the tape to be run around almost anything and tightened through the clip to give a good solid ‘squeeze’.   I used 15 lengths or loops of tape, spaced about equally, but less may well have done the job.   Because the tape is quite stiff and the clips are ‘fiddly’ I made up each loop in advance, numbering each and placing a piece of masking tape on the hull with the corresponding number written on it.   In this way, once the epoxy had been spread onto the sheer clamps and the deck sections carefully placed on top, it was a quick and simple matter to slip each pre-made loop over the hull and tighten it on top of the deck at the right spot.   As the tape is also squeezing the deck inwards rather than just exerting downward pressure – as would be the case with nails or staples – it also encouraged the necessary curvature, even right into the stem and stern.   I also quickly found that cutting the tape at an angle – like a spear-head - made it much easier to thread through the small clip. 

The hull is now upside down so that the epoxy may ooze downwards into the joint, rather than out of it, and I can’t wait until tomorrow to turn it over, remove the tapes, stand back, and admire…!   


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I know you call yourself a wordsmith, but any chance of a picture? :-) Are skipping the nails?




Yes - not using any nails, although I have to admit that I do quite like the visual effect of nail heads along the deck line (polished during the sanding process before epoxying the deck). 

I will endeavour to add photos, but this 69-year old was left behind during the tech revolution.   I took literally hundreds of digital images through the build, but have not yet mastered the art of sending them anywhere.   I shall ask my daughter for help!

I can send hard copies to anyone interested - you could send me your mailing address to [email protected].   Guaranteed no scams or penile enlargement offers!

Tape came off this morning - deck looking good apart from a slight 'flat' behind the cockpit area, which is substantially unsupported - but I think i can fix it from inside.

Cheers - thanks for interest.



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