If you look on the Shop Cam you we see NanoShip being loaded onto a trailer.  Does anyone know where it is going?  I have been waiting for this for almost 18 months

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RE: NanoShip

Off to the WoodenBoat School to pick up where construction left off...


NanoShip by Chesapeake Light Craft

RE: NanoShip

I'm on the Left Coast and I'm totally enamored with the Nanoship.  I've given serious thought to offering to be a "beta builder" if there is such a thing.  As a long time fan of the Pelicans, this to me is a much more elegant design that accomplishes a similar purpose.  I'm not interested in the trade-offs of being able to nest it, etc.  I love the lines, the stability, the unbelievably flexible sailplan and the auxillary option.  I live within a stone's throw of the San Juans and this is the perfect boat for the PNW camping sailor.

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