Installing a RP seat back

I'm in the last 20% of finishing a skin on frame Kayak (you know that part that takes 80% of your time). 

 My Rapid Pulse seat back and minicell foam arrived today and am looking at how I can make this work on my boat.  The bottom is easy, the seat back I am looking for an alternative to the bungees for holding it up and back (I do not have a convenient place to screw to (my Coaming is two layers of bent 5mm ply set vertically.  I was thinking a vertical strip of Velcro down the centre. 

 Anyone tried this or similar?

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RE: Installing a RP seat back

Hi David,

Rather than do away with the bungee, you might consider just screwing the bungee anchors into the deck beam directly behind the cockpit.  I have not used backbands in the skin-on-frame kayaks I have built, but this seems like the natural place to attach the anchors.  Also, I would recommend trying out the kayak with the seat bottom before you attach it to the boat.  Depending upon how thick the seat is, you may find that it makes the boat feel unstable.  I usually take two thin pieces of minicell (.5-.75") and run them on either side of the keel stringer under a couple of ribs.  It is just enough to keep me from noticing the stringer running down the middle of my seat.



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