Caring for your clc boat?

Hey all, I've been out on the NE dory all week and I'm wondering if you have any pointers on caring for the boat over time.  When I take it out of salt water, should I rinse with fresh water?  Should I cover the boat right away or leave it open for ventilation?  I usually come home and theres a bit of water in there from hopping back in from a swim, I'll get most of the water out with a small bucket... But should I be flipping the boat so ALL the water drains (I would love to just leave it on the trailer though).  Any tips are greatly appreciated! 

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RE: Caring for your clc boat?

Not just rinse it, but actively wash it. Trailer, too. Also give the bearings a squirt of grease.

If you're storing it outside, get a breathable cover. The ones CLC sells are excellent quality and worth every penny. They're custom made for CLC's boats, so the fit is guaranteed (unless you've done some unique modifications). You really, really don't want those cheap tarps from DYI stores. They promote mildew and rot and are nowhere near as durable as the CLC covers.

You can get the water out with a bilge pump (manual or electric) and sponge When you're down to just a film you can let the rest air dry.

You can also install a drain plug in the transom and simply tilt the trailer up enough fro the water to drain out (pretty easy with a boat as light as the Dory) while you're hosing the inside of the boat out with fresh water and rubbing with a sponge of soft cloth. Don't forget to put the plug back in before the next launch.

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RE: Caring for your clc boat?

   I'm on a fresh water lake with water so clean I can drink it, so I don't do any rinsing. I find a sponge is best for removing the after-swim puddle, and I usually give the inside a quick wipe to remove dust. When not in  use (or in transport), my dory is covered with a breathable ripstop cover that my wife made. This is just my first year with the boat so I'm not sure I'm treating it perfectly. But I made it for use more than for show, and I am putting it to hard use. So far, I'm very pleased with how it is holding up--despite a gradually increasing number of scratches.

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