Friction at the mast step?

This may be a silly question but has anyone had any issues with the bottom and sides of  the mast rubbing through the epoxy on the deck and sides of the mast step, since there is nothing that would reduce friction from the constant movement while sailing?

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RE: Friction at the mast step?

   Not  a silly question.  I'm going to try some leather lining the sides of the mast step and the partner at the seat (on my skerry...the dory has a separate partner I think).

RE: Friction at the mast step?

A lot of people put a large nylon washer down for that reason.  I also tried Rescue Tape around my mast, but even that got mangled in a very short while.

RE: Friction at the mast step?

   Haven't even ordered my kit yet. So take this with a grain of salt.

Try findind a shop that can cut a piece of 1/8th to 1/4 inch thick delrin (a self lubing plactic, that is usr in son bearing surfaces in even aircraft) to fit the step.

Look into leading edge tape (again use on aircraft to protect leading edgea of wings) in the partner. It is self adhering so be careful and test it on some finished scrap piece. When it comes off it may take the finish with it.


RE: Friction at the mast step?

   On my dory, I used graphite epoxy from the foot of the mast to the top of the mast partner hole. The hole is extra large as I used the dimensions stated in the builders manual. Once stepped I found way too much gap and movement. I cut wedges to go on 3 sides. No wedge placed on the back as the mast wants to be raked a little aft. Once wedged there is no movement at all. The only wear I'm seeing is the very bottom contact with the floor of the boat. With the graphite it is very little. I have no movement of the mask at all. The only sound I hear is the dagger board moving with tacks. BTW, I also graphite epoxied the top 3" and halyard hole which is now the lazy jack hole. It makes for a slippery surface and doesn't wear thru as fast as varnish. Dan

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