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Getting started on a Skerry kit, strakes finger joints are glued up, instructions now say to cut gains into the strake ends where they join.  However, I notice that my strakes have notches cut into them, on the ends of the rabbets, that don't appear in the drawings.  Are these notches for the same purpose, and is it unnecessary to cut the gains?


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RE: Skerry Gains

My kit came with a few supplemental pages of instructions that address updates to the kit, including those notches. If I recall correctly, the notches need a bit of filing but not as much as you would do for the gains without them. 

RE: Skerry Gains

   I bought my skerry kit about 2 years ago, finishing it this past winter.  Don't ask, I'm slow. :-)

Anyway, they had made several changes/improvements in the kit and the documentation was lagging behind somewhat.  One change was the addition of the cutouts on the bow and stern ends of the strakes.  I cut all the gains per the manual without really examining the implications of the notches.  I didn't really need to cut them, and CLC verified that indeed the manual addressed the previous version.  Good news was, the ends pulled up together very easily. Bad news was that I'd shaved them to the point that I had no overlap between them at the cutouts.  Good news was, epoxy filled with silica and wood flour is a great gap filler and by the time you get some 'glass over it, all was well.

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