NE Dory stern seat mod ideas?

I’m mulling over modifying the stern seat on our dory. I’d like to be able to store a few small essentials under the seat (flares and whistle, bungee cord used to tie down oars in transit, registration, etc), but still want the buoyancy.

I’m thinking about putting two hinges on the rear of the seat, and a latch on the front (I glued all three boards together). One option is to cut out space for a Pelican case in foam. Alternatively, perhaps I could make a water-tight compartment out of okoume, with a small hatch in the middle?

I’m looking for advice or other ideas.

Thanks in advance, Andy

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RE: NE Dory stern seat mod ideas?

   That is a nice idea. I am getting ready to finish my Skerry, and I may take it up.  One idea is to split the aft compartment with a water tight bulkhead and add an inspection cover large enough to get your hand into.

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