NE Dory thwart cleats

When I came to the point of installing the cleats supporting the thwarts in our NE Dory build I found it difficult to strike an accurate mark on the hill that would assure a dead on seating of the thwart. Came up with a process in which I package taped the ends of the thwart to prevent sticking of epoxy. Then pressed the cleat firmly up under the thwart, marked a line under the cleat, taped the line to better establish the right level then glued the cleat in place. After cleaning up and taping the cleat in place, I Layed in the taped thwart and firmly pressed the cleats in place. Now the cleats are firmly in the exact place they need to be. Much easier done than said!;B70A74D6-5BE4-47D9-ABF1-4B5E8E05909E

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RE: NE Dory thwart cleats


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