Rustoleum Topside anyone?

áAnyone used this paint for their kayak hull. It's so much cheaper. Yes I understand toy get what you pay for but sometimes the generic is just as good.

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RE: Rustoleum Topside anyone?

   Alkyd enamels like Rustoleum are pretty soft.  They would get scratched like crazy.  You really want a polyurethane paint. There are brands that are cheaper than Interlux.



RE: Rustoleum Topside anyone?


My Scottish grandmother had a phrase: "Penny wise and pound foolish."  Frequently the generic works just as well as the expensive brand, but only if it's the same stuff.  Marine paints are formulated for specific conditions and polyurethane paints are pretty amazing in those conditions.  One-part polyurethanes are a really good balance between ease of application and long-term results.  Factor in your labor and painting with a substandard paint is much less of a bargain.



RE: Rustoleum Topside anyone?


RE: Rustoleum Topside anyone?

áááWhat am I thinking? I'm spending alot of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears using my own artistic hands and mind. Building something wonderful. Something I'm planning to pass down to my now 8 month old child. ..Why am I fussing over trying to save 30-40 dollars. Yes I'm going to paddle many miles on it but I'm planning to keep it for ever. I sure got lost in the moment. all that helped, thank you. I ended up ordering Brightside from interlux, primer and the varnish too

RE: Rustoleum Topside anyone?

There is nothing wrong Rustoleum Topside. It is good paint for the money. I painted a Sunfish sailboat hull with it several years ago and it is holding up well.  


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