Misplaced foot braces in WD Double

I was not happy drilling holes in my newly finished WD Double, but I did so to install Keepers foot braces per the construction manual.  Unfortunately, I wasn't clear on whether the 24 inch measure from the seats meant to the front of the foot brace or to the back.   Oh, I should have spent more time on-line checking that out.  In an case, my foot braces are far short of comfortable.  They are too close to the seats.  No problem, really.  We've enjoyed several really fine trips around lake Wylie with the grandchildren, but I want to move those braces forward.  I've ordered internal mounting kits so that I do not have to create more holes in my hull.  That leads to today's question.  What is the best way to plug unwanted holes in the hull once I reinstall the braces with internal hardware.  I assume that means filling the hole with "peanut butter" epoxy and wood fiber, fiberglassing, and revarnishing.  I thought it might be best to check and see if anyone has more specific advice.

I am also finding that the center of gravity is a bit far back when my passengers are 40 pound children.  Is there a better solution than placing a bag of sand forward?  I'm getting rather wet when trailing waves come over the duck's tail.  Its a minor problem.  I think I need to make these grandchildren a couple of wood ducklings later this summer.

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RE: Misplaced foot braces in WD Double

I would fill the holes with epxoy and wood four, sand smoothe and cover with a thin coat of epoxy on the outside and cloth and expoxy on the inside.

As for the balance, I would consider adding some removable weight in the bow. I would start with 1 gallon plastic botles of water

RE: Misplaced foot braces in WD Double

No need to glass when filling a ~1/4" hole. Do ream out the hole and insure there is no silicone sealant, if that was used.

RE: Misplaced foot braces in WD Double

 Leave the screws in and hold them with a nut or some scrap wood glued to the inside. No one will know the screws are not into the foot braces.  

RE: Misplaced foot braces in WD Double

I like using dowels as plugs for holes. They have the same thermal coefficient of expansion as the rest of the hull and seem less visually jarring to me.



RE: Misplaced foot braces in WD Double

Regarding the balance, after reading here what at least one builder does, I moved my greater weight to the forward seat of our MC 16. 

Seems to work better. 




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