Varnish question - lack of gloss

Just prior to my varnishing step, I think that I unwittingly sanded most or all of the curred epoxy off of the hatch covers of my Ches17LT and wondered if that was the main reason why the varnish does not reveal a high gloss like the rest of my deck.  Since the hatches were not fiberglassed, my sanding expectations were different.  

Anyway, if all of the hatch epoxy is gone, and the reason for my dull finish, does it make sense to re-apply unthickened epoxy over that coat of sanded varnish, in hopes of matching that pretty deck finish?

Thanks,  LTM

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RE: Varnish question - lack of gloss

if you don't think you have epoxy beneath the varnish, i would carefully sand the varnish off and re-epoxy...and then re-varnish.

the water-proofness of the wood is based on it being encapsulated by epoxy.  varnish will not do.


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