Bow chocks on Dory

looking for opinions on how it would look if I thru bolted the bow chocks on the outside rail. The nylon stop but would be visable, I tapered the rails to maybe 3/4" so I didn't know if that would have enough bite for wood screws. I don't anchor overnight but do anchor for fishing in a strong current. Should I also glue a backing plate under the breast hook to make it 1 1/2" for the bow cleat? I have thru bolted almost everything with nylon stop nuts and used very few wood screws. But I haven't seen any chocks with nuts, most of my holes are drill fill drill. Takes longer in the modification but better for the wood. Filling and trying to use a screw has been harder for me, the screw does not bite into the epoxy as easily as untreated wood. Dan


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RE: Bow chocks on Dory

   Are you talking about deck mount chocks like used to tie to a dock or a bow mount eye like used to pull the boat up onto a trailer?

I believe in very well secured fittings and either way, can give you some ideas if you like, with pictures if you are talking bow eye


RE: Bow chocks on Dory

   I think metal bow chocks of may be a bit too much unless you can find small ones and  preferrably of bronze.  Alternatively a nice pair of these would compliment the rail and be less obtrusive.  Post some pictures when you decide what to use.


RE: Bow chocks on Dory

   A backing plate is absolutely necessary for your bow cleat and it needs to be thru bolted IMO.

RE: Bow chocks on Dory

   Thanks so much for the replys, Curt, I have a bow eye already in place for trailer tie down, I'm thinking about about a deck cleat on the breast hook with chocks on the rails. If there is a vendor for wooden chocks I like the style oceanluvr posted above. Don't know if I can make that myself,also would like a wooden cleat. Ebay might have some antique bronze but could be pricey. Any further ideas are welcomed. Dan

RE: Bow chocks on Dory

Here you go - below is a rendering of one of their bow cleats and this company can also make wooden chocks for you..good luck!



RE: Bow chocks on Dory

 Sorry for the multiple posts, I wish one could edit a post to avoid this.  Anyway here is another link for antique marine hardware that you may find useful.  I have been researching the very same subject for my NE Dory.

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