Peeler Skiff - Outboard Installation

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I am only a month out until the Christening of my Peeler Skiff. I bought a brand new 15 hp evinrude motor to install and just placed it ony the transom to see how it sits. With no shims or adjustments, the cavitation plate is level (slightly at an angle upwards) with the bottom of the 12" piece on the bottom of the hull that was used to  join the two half pieces that make up the bottom hull. I added a  test 3/4" shim for the motor to sit on and now its almost level and slightly at an upward angle with the entire hull. I want to shy away from adding a shim of that magnitude. My question is does that 3/4" make a big difference as to how the boat will ride and does the slight angle upwards have a big affect on how it will ride? I understand the ideal situation is have it angled slightly downward... 



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RE: Peeler Skiff - Outboard Installation


There are not a lot of absolutes in boat and motor trim and, realizing that I did not have a lot of experience with outboards, I had the guy who sold me the motor (30-years experirnce) mount the Yamaha 9 hp on my new Peeler.

What I've learned since is that the directions in the Peeler manual are a good all-purpose solution, but that weight distribution and boat trim are different almost every time I take About Time out.  Not wanting the complexity of power trim control for the motor, I've stopped worrying about it and just enjoy the ride,

I'd recommend that you stick as closely to the specs in the Peeler manual as you can and remember that you built the boat and that you can change things later if you're not happy with the results.



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