Oops, forgot to glue in sheer clamps

i started to stitch the bottom panels to the side panels of my San O. I only got 3 wires deep on each side and then realized I haven't glued in the sheer clamps yet. What does everyone think. Is it doable to just finish wiring it up and then gluing the clamps in or should I unstick the sides from the bottom to glue them in the normal way. This is my third board, 2 Kaholos already, for whatever that info is worth. 

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RE: Oops, forgot to glue in sheer clamps

i would un-stitch it and glue it....then start stitching again.

i think it is simply going to be easier to do that than gluing the sheer clamp to a curved surface and the issues that come up when you try to bend the sheer without it already being glued to the side panel.

three stitches will take you a couple minutes to undo...then you know your problem is behind you....not in front of you.

all the best.





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