Wood Duck 14 - Deck top or bottom - has a warp one direction out of the box

 Going to glue my deck pieces tonight.  I think I know this, but seeking confirmation.  The two  main deck pieces I need to glue together have a slight warp.  My favorable outside wood appearance to be the "top" of the deck is the side warped inward (concave).

 I believe the deck is actually symetrical ( cut in the flat of course, and not pre shaped in any way) and can be used with either side up or down.  The warp might make it a bit tougher to stitch, wrap, and combine the deck to the huill when I get to that point.  Am I correct?

Note:  either side of the deck up would be ok, just the "inside" of the curvature is better.I currently have a sand bag "ironing" out the area around the puzzle joint to make it easier to work with when I glue tonight.

( laughing a bit - since my pieces are laid out in my living room, with my work table of two 4x8 plywood sheets, and it's dry in the house, so I think that is simply top side moisture fleeing the marine plywood causing the warp - just like corrugated board I work with daily)

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