Resin rollers versus squeege?

Has anyone used resin rollers instead of squeeges and if so do you think they remove more bubbles from the epoxy and distribute it better?

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RE: Resin rollers versus squeege?

   I've always used rollers(on boat5) and keep a foam brush handy to tip out if needed I like the way they smooth out the glass as you work

RE: Resin rollers versus squeege?

   Are you referring to foam rollers or the slotted metal rollers? I think the slotted ones are more for chopper gun lay ups. I tried one on fiberglass tape and there were no real benefits - kind of messy. For the dry lay ups used on CLC kits the foam rollers and squeegee both do a good job of pushing the epoxy through the fabric. I usually have both at hand when laying on cloth. For fill coats I use the foam roller and tip out with a foam brush.

RE: Resin rollers versus squeege?

   I mean the metal rollers.  I know they are not used only for chopper guns as I own an Albury Brothers boat and watched them build my boat and they never use chopper guns and have an excellent reputation for build quality.  They always use the resin rollers to roll the mat....just curious as to others experience.

RE: Resin rollers versus squeege?

   I tried one and didn't find it useful. Total pain to clean. I prefer a squeege over foam rollers too. I'm cheap so that aspect suits me too.


RE: Resin rollers versus squeege?

   The slotted rollers are used,I think, for wet layups to push the fabric into the epoxy and move air bubbles out. I don't think they offer any benefit on a dry layup.

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