Peeler skiff flotation

Hope I haven't missed this in previous posts. . . .  I am presently sealing the tanks and are about to place the foam in my peeler skiff, I would assume that most builders use urethane sheets/blocks.  I went to Lowe's and they had no idea what I was talking about.  Does anyone know of a good source in the mid-Atlantic region? Thank you.

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RE: Peeler skiff flotation

 I think most people are using sheets of the pink closed cell insulation sheeting like this stuff


There are various brands and thicknesses out there. 



RE: Peeler skiff flotation

   The pink stuff in the North East is now purple. I got mine at a local building supply for about $22 US for a four foot by eight foot by 2in. sheet. It took a little more than four such sheets to fill the three tanks. Lowes/Home depot charges the same $ for a two inch by 16 inch by eight foot sheet.

RE: Peeler skiff flotation

   Thank you both.  Got the pink stuff and it's now sealed in the prescribed spaces.  Having a great time with the build!


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