Sport Tandem with Sailrig Mk3 - another short video

Hi everyone,

The weather here in UK been dreadful for last 2 months but we got out for an hour the other day in between storms....

Problems getting the jib up and we normally use adapted windsurfing rigs in higher winds but reefed the MK3 main and enjoyed it.

Getting some decent speeds very easily now but need to address some modifications to finish things off

  • Still move back mast and jib
  • Upgrade leeboard and the mounting - am also considering some small skegs on the amas as it doesn't seem to need much leeboard for pointing. This might work better with moving the mast back to keep everything in line
  • Change the aka profiles to flare up and out then back down to the amas
  • Fair in the aka/ama bulkhead mounting as the drag when they submerge is horrendous
  • Improve the rudder - make a much higher aspect as doesn't seem to have the power to cope currently
  • Adapt for single handed sailing - longer tiller that can be controlled from either side
  • Get a cover and support to keep water out of front cockpit when out on the tramps. Same needed for rear if single handing
  • Sand and varnish again and paint inside as looking a bit battered after a pretty hectic season

[url=]Short youtube clip[/url]

Staying the mast is a revelation - even in extremely light winds the sail performs infinitely better.

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