Wood Duck - Bottom Panel Color Mis-Match

Just unwrapped my new Wood Duck 12 kit and laid out the panels as a test fit.  After doing this, here is one panel that noticably does not match (see photos)

One each piece, there a "light" side and a "dark" side - Most of the pieces have been cut so that the dark side will be the exterior of the boat and the light side is the interior (which matches my preference for the final look).   Problem is that there is one panel (the future starboard stern piece) which has been cut so that the "light" side has to be on the exterior.   

Trying to figure out if I got a wrong panel cut or not.  It looks lke I got two port side panels with the "dark" side as the exterior - only way to use on the starboard side is to use the "light" side.

Understand that there is always variation in panels - no one tree is the same, but worried that difference in color and grain is so distinct here that the piece will also look out of place.   Appreciate any feedback and guidance here - should I ask CLC to cut a new panel for me?  Thanks.

Inside Panel View:

Outside Panel View:

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RE: Wood Duck - Bottom Panel Color Mis-Match

It's interesting that the grain in the outside panel view tends to match up quite well. To get an idea of what they'll look like under epoxy/glass wet the panels out with denatured alcohol. You might find the color difference isn't so dramatic and you'll be able to live with it! And you can always tell others it is an intentional to highlight the hand cut puzzle joints you did with a small Japanese saw. Just a thought.

George K

RE: Wood Duck - Bottom Panel Color Mis-Match


I had a similar issue, the fault was mine though as I was building from plans I got in a muddle and ended up with one of the sheer panels mixed top side and bottom side with the same result as you have. In the end I decided that it would annoy me forever and chopped it out and re-scarfed a new section (I've put a photo on my build log) an am pleased I did. One of my bottom planks is also not a great match, however, i am going to paint up  to the first chine so not too fussed about that. You are nearer the begining than the end of the build so I would suggest you need to be happy as this is something you will never be able to change. 

I hope this helps




RE: Wood Duck - Bottom Panel Color Mis-Match

Thanks for the advice.   After some more thought and a bit of perspective, decided  to stick with the panels I have figuring that I am likely to paint the bottom anyway.    Export is curing right now on the joint.    First time builder and  expect some "newbie" errors that will prevent a perfect bright finish.  

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