Spacered inwales before outer rails?

Hi all --

Any particular reason to install spacered inwales after the outer rails on a northeaster dory? If I install the inner rails first, I don't need as much spread on the clamps. Then I can clamp in the gaps for the outer rails.

Dave Metcal



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RE: Spacered inwales before outer rails?


I put my outer rails on first. When I did I found that the plywood panels actually conform to the shape of the gunnels a little; evening out the lines of the boat. (the rails resist bending more than the plywood so they form a more even curve) I think if you put the inwales in first you may find small gaps between the gunnel and the upper panel where the upper. I would be interested to see if my concerns are valid because clamping 3+ inches of rails is a pain. I think a safer option would be to glue the first outer rail on to shape the boat and then glue the inwales and finish with the final outer rail.


John W.

RE: Spacered inwales before outer rails?

On every boat I've built with rubrails, the outer rails pulled the thin wood of the hull into the final fair shape. They also substantially stiffened the hull.

If you put the spacers on after the outer rails, you'll be attaching  them to a stiff fair surface. Before, and it will be a wobbly hull that will try to change shape after the spacers have been attached. I don't know how much difference that will make visually, but it might be noticeable. At any rate, it'd be easier working on a stiff fair hull.

Have fun,



RE: Spacered inwales before outer rails?

áááI like John's idea the best. Plus That Method reduces the need for Clamp pads. On the first outer rail lineup clamps with where the inner spacers will go clamp pads required then when installing the inner spacers no clamp pads required either.

RE: Spacered inwales before outer rails?


I have to agree with John, Lazlo, and Moonchaser --- though the Peeler Skiff sides are probably a bit stiffer than those of the NE Dory.  I used drywall screws rather than clamps and they worked very well.  Depending on the finish you want, the screw holes can easily be filled with resin and wood flour or with wooden plugs.  Clamps can slip before the epoxy sets.

We pre-drilled the spacers and glued and screwed them (being careful with alignment.  After they set, we removed the screws and then glued and screwed the inwales. pre-drilling as we went.  Removed the screws and filled the holes with resin and wood flour before sanding and a final coating of epoxy.  Worked a charm and really stiffens the boat.



RE: Spacered inwales before outer rails?

Thanks all.  I like John's idea of one outer rail first then the inner. I hadn't thought about the hull shaping.

Btw, here's my progress thus far:

Dave Metcalf

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