Building the Peeler Skiff

I'm interested in building the Peeler skiff (after I take John Harris's "stitch & glue" course in Maine) but I'm not sure how much room I need. I have a double garage, but I realistically can only use one half......My first mate would not like me to blow out the side of the garage.

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RE: Building the Peeler Skiff

I think you should have plenty of space, but get out your tape measure and take some measurements. I'd prefer a build space that is 4 feet longer than the boat and about the same amount wider. . . . But you can actually survive in somewhat tighter spaces if you are determined.  

RE: Building the Peeler Skiff

I agree with Birch2, and it never hurts to measure.  I would also recommend that you use good sanders with effective dust collection.  The resin and fiberglass youl be sanding off are not good things to breath or mess up a garage with.  My contractor son-in-law recommended Festool sanders with their HEPA dust collector which was confirmed talking with people at the Wooden Boat Show in Mystic.  Best investment I made after the Peeler kit.

Have fun,


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